Cooking…for my son

My son is only 7 months old.  (ONLY, I say but really I can’t believe he’s 7 months already!) 

He is awesome and changes so much every day.  In the mornings he has his “meetings” with doggie and dolphin and when those are over we go in and get him out of his crib.  The smile we are greeted with is the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen–even if it is 5:30am.

He’s on to food now and I try to make all of his food for him instead of buying pre-packaged stuff.  Thanks to the help of the Magic Bullet (a godsend) it’s not so hard to make batches of pureed everything and freeze it! 

I have this great cookbook called First Meals.  I highly recommend it to any new parent who wants to cook for their child…especially if you are like me and needed to look up how to puree an apple for apple sauce. 

All ready to go!

Sweet Potatoes Gone Awry…he thought he’d help.


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