Allow myself to introduce…myself.

Hi, I’m Danielle.  Nice to meet you. 

As they say here on the island, “Who Dat Is??”

I am a mother.I am a wife.I am a daughter.I am a sister.I am a hugger.

I love to laugh.I love to cook.I love to bake.I love to read.I love to be outside.

My favorite day is Sunday because I get to spend the day with my son and my husband.My favorite color is Aqua.My favorite place is Italy.My favorite food is pizza.

I do not like rude or mean people.I do not like olives.I do not like white foods (e.g. mayo, sour cream, cottage cheese).

Hubby and I at our wedding (in Italy, with Pizza)

Baby and I at the beach (he’s such a cutie patootie).

Oh, why did I name the blog Numanums?  Read about it here.

Goodnight, Moon.


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