Leaving on a jet plane

In about 2 weeks the three of us (Hubby, Baby and Me) are flying to Australia to visit hubby’s family.  The trek is 30 hours door to door (although if you ask Hubby he’ll say 15 hours from LA to Melbourne…he seems to forget that we don’t actually live in LA–never have–so we need to get there first).

So here’s what…

Baby will be 8 months old when we get on that plane.  Not yet crawling (well not at this moment but these things tend to change on a daily basis) but has ants in his pants every waking moment.

Baby has an attention span of about 3.3 seconds. 

Baby will not fall asleep in our arms anymore which means he’s up which means he’s tired which means he’s cranky.

Hubby has Bose noise cancelling headphones that he very diligently puts in the seat back in front of him and puts on as soon as electronic devices are allowed.

How do you see this working out for me???


This is us on Baby’s first flight.  We were lucky enough to be upgraded (yay Frequent Flier Miles!!) Where’s Daddy?  Across the aisle, one row back with his noise cancelling headphones on. 

P.S.  Any helpful tips, hints, etc. on how to survive this 30 hour journey are VERY much appreciated!



  1. Hints….get some benadryl or other antihistamine in liquid form, get the dose correct (too much and they may get even more hyper!) and kiddo should whack out for a few hours of much needed respite.

    Other than that, you stated the answer in your post, ie work out between you to do shifts where each parent is totally responsible for a period and the other sleeps / rests with zero guilt.

    Wait til you have two… three kids at once #beentheregotthetshirt

    Enjoy the trip !

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog! Feel like I’m talking to you and right there with you! Keep it up – you are GREAT at this. I know someday you will write a book and become famous. Just remember me when you do! xoxo

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