My Daddio

My Dad is FULL of stories and jokes.  If you know him, you know that.  He’s famous for it and when he finishes his book, he will for real be famous for it because they are good stories and jokes.  (Are you done?  Why haven’t you written your dear old mother in Ireland??)

Anyway, a friend of mine was talking about picking up her parents at the airport and it reminded me of a funny story with my Dad.  He was picking me up at the airport one trip and he was standing with all of the car service drivers.  They all had large signs with the last name of their client on them, as usual.  My Dad had a small business card on the back of which he wrote “Cococcia”. 

I completely cracked up.  My Daddio–he’s too funny!  Love you!

My Dad and I at my Brother’s wedding last month. 


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