I keep thinking it’s Friday…

Don’t you just hate that??  All day I have been thinking and feeling like it’s Friday.  Is that my brain just telling me that it should be and my weekend should start tomorrow?  Hmmm…maybe.

What’s on for your weekend?  For us, having some friends over for din din on Saturday and we’re headed to the Plantation House on Sunday.  Add in some packing for our journey and a few workouts (by KICK BUTT trainer Jen Bily) and there she is.

One of my friends who is coming for din din on Saturday asked me what the theme was.  Of course that STRESSED me out…was I supposed to have a theme?  I was just going to make some chicken.  When you have friends over to you theme it out??



  1. D D O ( = DaDdy ) says:

    Danielle: Try Stressed Chicken for dinner … it’s DELICIOUS !!

    D D O

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