Looking on the bright side…

While travelling across the world with hubby and the baby was exhausting, (it’s hard work people!) we had a good trip overall!  On the travels I learned a few things I thought I’d share…

1.  I tend to favor my left side/arm when holding the baby so seeing as I held him for almost 30 hours straight on the way there and 30 hours on the way back with the baby being about 22 pounds, I figured my left arm workout was all set. 

2.  Travelling with a baby gets you an express pass through immigration, customs and security.  (Also you get to bring more than 3 oz. of water with you so long as you put it in the baby’s bag.  Bonus!)

3.  The flight attendants on Qantas are AMAZING!  Both ways several of them came up to us and took the baby for a walk or play so we could relax a bit.  Either we looked that desperate or they are just the nicest people ever.  I’m leaning towards the latter.

4.  The iPad is a godsend. 

5.  Even when you don’t think you can stay awake another minute or sing twinkle twinkle one more time, you get a smile from the little one and you find the energy to do it again.





  1. Love this post, Danielle!! Especially #5!!!!

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