Brainstorm for Life

In school we always had to brainstorm.  It took me a while to figure out that what that meant was to just write down everything that comes to mind on a piece of paper.  You can get fancy and make lists or circles or even fancier with circles that intersect…ooohhh, ahhhh…

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit mid-life-crisis-ish and worried that life is passing by without finding what I am truly passionate about.  Don’t get me wrong–I do love my life–I have an awesome hubby, an amazing kid, and a life that many would be jealous of but for some reason, I’m feeling a bit ho-hum.

So, I went back to my “I’ll never use this in real life” brain archive and started brainstorming…

Started listing things that I love…
travel / photography / people / food / wine / cooking / baking / adventure / writing / family gatherings
Then my goals:
spend more time with kid(s??) / feel fulfilled and excited/happy about work / settle in a home that we can make ours for the long term / travel and see the world w/husband and kids


It’s just a start and I’m more than open to any feedback or suggestions you all have!!  I was hesitant to even post about this–ya know, showing vulnerability and all that stuff, but I thought maybe you’d have an idea or two that might just light the spark to get me going. 


I’ll keep you updated on my progress!



  1. This brainstorm is a great idea! I’ve been feeling the same “ho-hum” lately (maybe a post baby thing or a mid-thirties thing?) and I’ve been looking into volunteering opportunities. I think I’ll try a brainstorm, too. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

    • Let me know how it goes for you!! For me it’s just a start to kind of bring everything in front of my eyes and make me focus on what I want instead of focusing on the blah feeling (which is so easy to do!!)

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