Hindsight is 20/20 and some things I learned…

Baby is 9.5 months now and is seriously a cutie.  He’s developing a personality (attitude) and does not hesitate to tell you what he does not like (this is SUPER fun, by the way).  Looking back over the 9+ months I have definitely learned a few things and I thought I’d share them with all of you (I know you’re on the edges of your seats waiting for me to impart my wisdom…)

1.       Don’t stress out about how “the book” tells you to do it.  You will figure out your own routine and it will not happen overnight.  Those books that claim to have your baby sleeping through the night at 2 weeks are written by the same people who lost 150lbs by only cutting salad dressing out of their diet.

2.       Don’t forget about date night.  It’s so important to have a break from the babies and reconnect as a couple, sans spit up. And that glass of wine SURE tastes good!

3.       If you need a break, take a break.  This will not be the cause of you “ruining their life” at age of 12 because you won’t buy them the jeans everyone else is wearing.  (By the way, not having the jeans won’t ruin their lives either.)

4.       Everyone will have opinions on how you do EVERYTHING.  Whatever you think is right, is right.

5.       If someone offers help, take it (unless it’s the strange man at the grocery store holding a “bottle” in a brown paper bag.  You might want to think twice about it, then).

6.       You will probably cry more than you ever have before.  Most of it’s hormones but I believe part of it is because during pregnancy, along with a bigger belly, you grow a bigger, softer heart.

7.       Once you think you’ve figured it all out, enjoy that feeling.  The game will change next week.

8.       Take pictures every day.  You don’t realize how fast it all goes by until it has already passed.

9.       Take time for yourself.  It’s SO important.  Go for a walk, get a pedicure or read a book for a half hour.  Just because you are now a mom does not mean you no longer have needs as an individual.

10.       This too shall pass…

Have a great weekend!



  1. …another good one!

  2. Love it and so true!! One of my hindsight’s is – you now have your very own “mess machine” and no matter what you do your house (or you) will never ever be spotlessly clean again 🙂 and just when you think you have restored it to clean, you turn around and they have managed to mess it up again in places and ways you never could have imagined ~ but it is so worth it!!

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