Rain, rain go away…

So, usually, I would say a rainy day is a numanum.  I’m sure many would disagree and I may sound a bit bratty right now, but with sunshine and awesome weather pretty much year round, sometimes you just want a day to throw on those yoga pants and watch Lifetime movies all day.  However…it has now rained for like 400 straight days (well, maybe not exactly 400 but it’s rained a lot) and that, my friends, is a non-numanum. 

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest…I know there are other parts of the world with non-numanums much worse than my rainy days but I feel much better now that I’ve shared.

This photo was taken (not by me) of the harbour front the other day.  Seems as though the harbour is not likin’ this one bit either!


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