Checking in…

Oh, hello there.  Missed you guys.  Last week was a bit nuts (we had two whole social events) so blogging, baking and photo taking didn’t quite happen.  Sorry Charlies!  Let me tell you all about what we did…

First off, Monday was Halloween.  Such a fab day in my books!  Got my little bud all dressed and took him trick-or-treating.  Not the real kind, but we did pick up a few pieces of fairly average candy.  Didn’t matter…could he look any cuter??

Second on the agenda we attended a dinner at Osetra Bay.  Holy Moly (or is it Moley??)  It was FANTASTIC right down to the mini jam jars they served the mashed potatoes in (I didn’t steal any but I really wanted too!).  Thankfully I had my weekly butt-kicking right before going so I didn’t feel so bad about the 3000 calories I’m sure I consumed.

Third, on Saturday night my hubby MC’d the Annual Open Your Hearts To the Children Benefit for Hedge Funds Care.  We have been attending this event each year and I am so proud when I see hubby up there doing good deeds.  He’s a rockstar! 

Last, after about 4 short hours of sleep hubby got up and ran the Cayman Islands Triathlon on Sunday AM.  Baby and I cheered him on from a few different points in the race and greeted him at the finish line!  He heads to Miami this weekend for the Miami Man Ironman!  (I’m tired just thinking about it).

So, that’s where we are folks…hope you all had a good week!  xoxo



  1. Hi Danielle! WOW we moms are busy being moms, having a career and why not throw a blog in there too! We are coming down to Cayman hope to see you soon! Love your new blog!

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