Kaden’s First Birthday

No excuses for not posting lately…well, I do but it doesn’t matter…no post is no post, right?  OK, so we are moving on and I’m here now!  So excited to show you some photos and share some details about Kaden’s first birthday party!  I am still not quite sure how it is possible that he is one (well, 13 months now!) but he is and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it.

The party…

I tried not to go too over the top but with the combination of the party planner in me and the amazing piece of this world called Etsy some might say I teetered on the top and may have leaned on the going over part just slightly.

I started the design with a Finding Nemo theme but didn’t want it to be full on theme party.  The kid doesn’t yet know who Nemo is (and why Mommy keeps referring to someone called P.Sherman at 42 Wallaby Way–he must be one of the Australian relatives).   I love the chevron print so incorporated that into the invitations and decor throughout.

The food we served was all mini.  Beef and Turkey burger sliders, mini cups of caprese salad, crudite and dip and of course chips and soda (that one was for you, Mom).  THANKFULLY my Mom, Dad and two brothers were here.  We had a complete assembly line of choppers, mixers, bakers and so on. 

We didn’t do the cake ourselves (thanks Treats!) but we did bake and frost the cupcakes.  We had take away bags of my Mama’s chocolate chip cookies for everyone to take home as well!

The day was great–we avoided any major meltdowns and had lots of fun!!  Thank you to everyone who came!! 

 Thanks so much to my good friend and fellow Mama, Lana Hargrave for these great photos! 



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