Where has the time gone and who is cooking dinner tonight??

I’m not even going to apologize for not blogging lately…I mean I am sorry but the time has really gone by in a blink and life has been a little hectic!  So, here’s the quick catch up since February (my last blog post)…

::  Preggars with Numero 2 who is expected to arrive at the end of November.  Along with that as a lot of yuckiness for the first 4 months of which I’ll spare you the details.  Said yuckiness made me barely functional as a person not to mention as a mom, wife, blogger and whatever else I am.

::  That brings us to about end of June/July where work was out of control busy plus I was trying to keep up/get caught up with the past 4 months so anything that was a “nice to do” (e.g. this blog) was not a priority.  Work continued to be busy all the way to the beginning of August which is when we went on


aaahhhhh–can you hear the angels singing???  I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a vacation so much!!!!  An entire month off the island with family and friends was just what I needed!

So here we are now, September and only 9 weeks left until Numero 2 is due!  I’m definitely feeling the nesting thing so you will no doubt see some new recipes I’m trying on here!

Thanks for stopping by–see you again VERY soon!!!



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