Happy Anniversary!

Try not to get too excited for this post–just warning you.

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary–yay for us!  A few have asked how we celebrated…well, if you can handle the romance, read on!

I was exhausted and went to bed at 7:30 after having toast with peanut butter for dinner (really, it’s true).  Thought I was down for the night but Kaden had other plans for us!  10:30pm he woke with a fever, gave him Tylenol and back to bed by 11:45pm, he woke up again around 3:30am with what appears to be a stomach bug (I’ll spare you the details).  After the clean up and a cuddle he was back asleep by about 4:30am and then awake sick again around 6:15am.  Lovely, I’m not tired at all now.

Apparently it’s going around.

Poor buddy has been so sick this past month–I’m starting to think he just really doesn’t want to go to school (I’m picturing a young version of Ferris Bueller here!)

Anyway, on an up-note, went to the baby doctor this AM and all is good in the oven!  Couldn’t get a clear photo to share with you but will be back in 2 weeks so will see how we go then.


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