Weekly family update

OK, so here’s this week’s family update…we are not too exciting in these parts these days I have to warn you!

Kaden had a HUGE breakthrough with school this week.  Crying only at drop off and actual participation in the classroom activities!  You have no idea how happy this makes us and I just can’t thank the teachers enough for their patience and the love they give to him.  This news was the highlight of my week!!!

Kaden is working on sharing and this week he did a great job by sharing his stomach flu with me.  Not fun and don’t feel the need to elaborate any further.

Conversations with Kaden are interesting.  Most of them revolve around trucks or big trucks or green trucks or bike trucks (which I figured out yesterday is actually FIRE truck!). The other day I asked him if he could say “Love you”…he looked at me with such determination, was quiet for a moment and said “BIG TRUCK!” with a whole lot of enthusiasm!  I couldn’t help but just crack up!!!  (He does say “wuvuu” from time to time which is awesome.)

Enough about him, let’s talk about me….

My new obsession with “real food” is still going strong.  Well, food didn’t do much for me this week but I did manage to rock out a few recipes on the weekend (the soup being one of them that I shared earlier in the week) and I’ll share the other one tomorrow.  I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market yesterday because of the flu but I am bound and determined to make it next week for sure!!!

Working on getting the place organized for the baby and wishing we lived anywhere in a 300 mile radius of a Target.

And on to JB…

What a trooper he has been this week with me out of commission.  Looking after both of us as he always does so well and even braving the school drop off a few mornings this week.  He really is the best!

We have the Breast Cancer Gala this weekend where he will be the auctioneer…he is SO good at it, I can’t even tell you.  We’ll be all dolled up which will be fun and have a good night out.  Bill and Giuliana Rancic are the guest speakers so there will definitely be a celeb sighting and perhaps even an encounter!!

That’s it for our fam for now…hope you are all having a fantastic week!!!




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