New Baby, Sick Toddler = Momma is tired

Even if you don’t have kids you know that along with a new baby comes sleep deprivation.  I was prepared for that…not looking forward to it but it’s all part of the job.  Here’s what I wasn’t prepared for…


Siena arriving ten days early.  Yes, I know babies come before and after the due date but in my head I was SURE she was going to be late.  Kaden was late arriving and at my most recent doctors appointment all signs were pointing to the same thing.  She didn’t come on her own, it was actually because of Kaden that she arrived early (he had a virus that he may have passed to me which then passed to her…) but she was here and we couldn’t be happier (although we were in disbelief for the first few days).

Thankfully (and that word is a complete understatement), my Mom arrived that day.  Since Kaden was out of school sick with this virus I had been taking sick days to take care of him.  With my upcoming maternity leave I was getting stressed out about taking all of these days off and asked my Mom to arrive earlier than planned.  Someone was on my side because a few short hours after she touched down in Cayman, Siena was here.

Kaden got better, went back to school and I was feeling good post c-section.  Then, here we go…Kaden is sick, AGAIN.  This poor kid has had it all since he started school and he doesn’t do anything half way.  So, instead of pink eye that goes away in a few days, he’s been home sick for over a week–pink eye, fever, cough that would give any 80 year old smoker a run for his/her money.

Not only is it super fun having a very sick toddler but trying to keep him away from the baby has become a new game for me.  It will be a miracle if she doesn’t get sick as well and I can’t even imagine what our water bill will be this month between all of the laundry we’ve been doing (if Kaden so much as looks at something it goes right in the wash!) and the steam showers we’ve been running to help with his cough (I feel like Debra Winger in “Terms of Endearment” every time we run one).

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to in these parts…how have you all been doing??




  1. I really miss your Mom but am so glad to hear she was able to get there early and help out.

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