Diet Coke Detox, Day 1

So I made it through the first day of my detox!  I am happy to report no headaches or weird withdrawal symptoms (although as I’m writing this on Day 2, I’m starting to feel the headache coming on) which is great.  I spent the morning at yoga which I am SURE helped–if for no other reason, to take my mind off of having a DC.

Now, I was by no means a 2 liter a day DC drinker.  I would have 2 cans a day–one in the AM and one at lunch.  Not horrible but that’s 2 cans of absolute junk I was putting into my body.  I always knew it was junk but didn’t really care as it was one thing I enjoyed and the rest of the time I drink water so that kind of cancels it out, right??  Not so much.

I came across this article on Facebook the other day which sheds a lot of light on Coca-Cola drinks and the craziness that is in them.  It’s downright scary that companies are allowed to use some (most) of these things knowing people put them in their bodies.  It’s amazing that bodies actually tolerate these chemicals–at least for the short term.

In other news, I have the best hubby ever!  Seriously people–he is.  After yoga yesterday I opened my car to this….


What a great surprise!!!  Thanks JB!



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