Weekend, DC update and menu planning

Happy Monday folks!  Hope you New Englanders have shoveled your way out and can now see the light of day!  We had a good weekend here!  Well, Saturday went by in a blur–I can’t even remember what went on that day–but Sunday is near enough to remember the details.

Early morning as usual with the kiddos followed by an amazing, sweaty yoga class, play time on the beach with Kaden and then making Valentines for a few of his girlfriends.


On Saturday mornings I usually plan our menu for the week so we can grocery shop on Saturday afternoon (stores are not open on Sunday here).  I didn’t do that this week (tsk, tsk) so tonight is leftovers/cereal night.  I’ve been working on the rest of the week today and am just so bored with my recipe collection.  Does anyone have any fav go to recipes that don’t take hours to make?  (I’m a huge fan of the throw everything in the crock pot and wait type of dishes, fyi.)

Am one day from one week with out any DC.  Feeling good–still craving it a little bit but honestly, this has not been nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be and I’m happy that I made myself do this!


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