Things I love…for Valentines day

Getting in the spirit of Valentines, I thought I’d share the top 10 things I love (aside from the best family and friends a gal could ask for!!)  These are in no particular order…


10.  I love that my son has a partial Aussie accent.  He says to-MAH-toe.  He also started saying SMOOCH instead of kiss which is hilarious.  So cute.

9.  “The Honest Toddler” on Facebook.  Cracks me up every day!

8.  I love yoga.  This is a new found love and I am obsessed.

7.  I love natural greek yogurt with organic blueberries and raw almonds.  I eat this for lunch almost every day.

6.  I love my Kindle.  I have the old school kind and absolutely love it.  I started reading a real book the other day and it really annoys me to have to turn the pages.

5.  I love the movie Perfect Pitch.  I rented it on iTunes, bought the sound track and then bought it on iTunes.  I’ve watched it several times and can’t get enough!

4.  I love women’s cricket.  NOT!  Although my hubby turned it on last night because he thought I would be interested in watching it.  Really??  No thank you, I’ll go read my annoying page turning book.

3.  I love when Kaden and I are driving home from school we start to count from the “bridge” (which is a walking overpass on the main road).  It used to just be me counting and him copying but now it sounds something like this…one, two, six, six, eight, nineteen, HOME!

2.  Instagram.  Makes even the most average photo look halfway decent!

1.  I love my new wallpaper on my iPhone.  Yellow chevron…ultra rad (I’m so hip!).

What/who do you love??  Happy Valentines Day!!



  1. I just love you…and my kids of course…especially today…and this post. Have tears from laughter from #3 …Hahahaha six, six, nineteen, HOME — Priceless! xoxo

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