Diet Coke Detox update, sleep training and fun in the jungle

I’m a full two weeks sans Diet Coke–I actually feel a little bit of a difference.  Not sure it’s because of the lack of DC or because of some other healthy changes I’ve made in my diet (or both), but I feel less hungry during the day and have more energy.  I’m not feeling the 3pm slump like I used to which is great.  So, while I still miss it from time to time, I’m glad I’ve cut it out of my regular every day.

On to sleep training…Siena is 3 months and was still waking up every 2 hours or so in the night.  This was not making for a happy mama, that is for sure!  So, I took matters into my own (and our helper Marlene’s) hands and we are putting her on a schedule.  I feel a bit mean about it but hey kid, “Life’s Not Fair” and “I know what’s best for you” and “If Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy” (all quotes I heard growing up once or twice).  We are on day 3 and it’s getting there.  Day 1 was a nightmare.  The poor gal was so tired during the day between her naps but then wanted to party all night.  Yesterday was WAY better and I’m hoping we are even more successful today.  Fingers crossed because I am running low on concealer!

Love this moment with the kids…Kaden was introducing everyone in the jungle to Siena and she just looked and smiled.  I think he wacked her about 3 minutes later but hey, I’ll take what I can get!!!




  1. Just love this post!!

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