Reasons my Son is crying

You may have seen this site already and if you are a mom or dad of a 2-ish year old I’m sure you can definitely relate.   I’m sure it’s not easy being a 2 year old–all of these older people telling you what to do and when to do it meanwhile you have your own agenda.  I get it.

I can always tell when Kaden is getting sick.  The number of temper tantrums multiplies by about 1000 (ok, well, maybe not 1000 but it’s a lot) and he loses his appetite (which leads to low blood sugar which leads to more tantrums).  Unfortunately, being in his first year of school this year and exposed to every germ imaginable, we haven’t had that many well days (but when we have them they are awesome!)

I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons my son is crying from this week….

5.  He wanted to look for crabs on the beach.  Started screaming when we saw the crab.

4.  I cut his toast in pieces that were too small.

3.  I would not let him drive the car home from school.

2.  He gave me a cookie for mother’s day that they made in school.  (Apparently he really didn’t want to give it to me so I gave it back and he ate it…I guess it’s the thought that counts)


1.  I wouldn’t lift my dress up to show him my boobs.

Here’s the link to the website.









  1. Themoma says:

    Now I can laugh at all of the above as I am sure you can! However, at the time……………..!

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