Dance like nobody’s watching


Beach walks in the morning are one of the best things ever.  I get up a few minutes after the sun, grab my music and head down to the beach.  It’s quiet and the few people you pass say “Good Morning” which is always nice.   While I make my way down the beach, thinking about my day to come, I find myself singing along to my music like I’m a Barden Bella.

This morning, apparently, I was not the only one enjoying myself.   I was walking behind two women who were also listening to their tunes, but instead of walking and silently singing (like I was) they were full out dancing their way up the beach.  It was AWESOME ! (By the way, they weren’t together–this is two separate instances.)  Now, I like walking as much as the next guy, but to see them enjoying themselves so much without a care in the world was a real breath of fresh air and a fantastic way to start the day!

Don’t know who you are but THANK YOU ladies for making my day!



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