Interviewing Kaden

I follow the Crappy Family blog which always gives a good laugh.  Yesterday, the blog was about interviewing your children and vice versa.  This AM, I tried to interview Kaden on the way to school.  Here’s how it went….


(Kaden hi-fiving Sir Turtle of Cayman Airways)

Me:  Kaden, how old are you?

Kaden:  ABCDEFG 89 Sing with me.  QRSTUVWXYZ, now my know my abc’s…LOOK Mama, there’s a concrete truck!!!

Me:  Kaden, do you know how old you are?

Kaden:  …………………….(silence)

Me:  Kaden, you are two and a half.

Kaden:  Ok, Mama, two and a half.

Me:  Kaden, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Kaden:  Pasta.

Okey dokey…we’ll try this again in a few months.

On another note, I’ve been loving this mixed berry smoothie I’ve been making every morning for breakfast.  I’ve also frozen the leftovers for popsicles for Kaden and he loves them!!  (I use water instead of milk and mixed berries instead of blueberries but you can do whatever works for you!!)



  1. Themoma says:

    Such a smart toddler!! Love you Kaden!!!

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