Happy Independence Day!!

Living in Cayman, the 4th of July is (obviously) not a holiday.  So, I’m a work in my blue dress and red necklace making the most of it (perhaps there will be smores later today…maybe?  Amanda?  Can you hear me??).  I dressed Kaden in red, white and blue this morning and there may be a firework or two this evening.  Not so much tradition for the 4th of July in Cayman but so many great memories of this day!


Growing up, every year we would go to my Aunt Gen’s house for the 4th.  She had an above ground, round pool and we would spend the day playing in the pool which always led to making a “whirlpool”.  The “big challenge” would be when someone said “reverse” and we would all turn to try and go against the current.  (My brother claims he was always stuck in the middle of the whirlpool…sorry Ronny!)

Then, we would all play volleyball–everyone from my brother who was the youngest of us all at the time to my Aunt who is now 83 years old.  (If you know AE, you know she rocks!!)  There would be hot dogs and hamburgers (which would be served promptly at 4:00pm every year), solo cups with our names written on them, the top 100 countdown, AE’s brownies (of course) and lightening bug catching in the evening.

So simple, no fuss and the BEST times.

What are your 4th of July traditions??



  1. Kathy Cococcia says:

    Everyone at the party loved your Numanums!!!!!!

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