Happy 1/2 birthday to Kaden!!

No, he’s not five, he’s two and a half.  Yes, he is wearing Siena’s pj’s as pants.  Yes, he is also holding a calculator because according to him he had work to do.



At this point (well, for today at least) here are some of his favorites:

Food:  Homemade macaroni and cheese // Number:  Six (occasionally forty-teen) //  Color: Green // Story:  Goodnight Moon // Movie :  Happy Feet (sorry, Mom, it’s not Veggie Tales!) // Treat (a/k/a/ bribery):  M&Ms // Song:  ABCs (he can really belt that one out!)

This kid amazes me every day.  The things he says, the things he does and the person he’s becoming are all awesome.  He’s quite the little clown (if you couldn’t tell…inherited from his Daddy) but can also throw the best fall down, full volume temper tantrums as well.  He gives the best hugs and just totally melts my heart when he grabs my cheeks, give me a kiss and says “Love you, Mama”.

Happy Half Birthday Moochy-Moochy!!



  1. Love him, his sister, and you sooo much xoxo

  2. too funny AND too cute!!!

  3. Themoma says:

    Happy Half Birthday Kaden!! Everybody loves you especially Pop and Grammy…. even though Veggie Tales are not your favorite movie!! Kisses, kisses, kisses!!!

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