Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

I can’t believe a year has gone by since the Doctor said, “You’re having the baby in an hour.” and then lying on the OR table when he held you up and I saw you were a girl….that was amazing and I will never forget how I felt in that moment.


From the first minute you were so sweet–never crying too loudly but making sure you got what you needed.   I’m happy you’re sticking up for yourself but not adding extra unnecessary drama like some other people we know…wink wink.  You had to get tough fast coming home to your brother who loves you–sometimes a little too much and the next minute not at all (he’s almost 3…you’ll understand soon).  You’ve had more than your fair share of doctors, hospitals, needles and sickness this year, all of which you handled beautifully.

I’m sure you don’t realize but the first time you smiled was Christmas day.  You were in the hospital with a tube up your nose and an oxygen mask basically covering your face–feeling like complete crap.  We took the mask off for a minute to change you and you smiled.   That, right there, is you.  Always smiling–especially when I need it most.

siena3 siena4

You’re jabbering away now and have perfected your “HI” and “BYE-BYE” so you go with one of those most times.  The rest of the time I have to get translation from the Swedish Chef to understand you but we figure it out some way or another. You love to dance–sitting or standing and Kaden’s rendition of Ba Ba Black sheep is your favorite at the moment.


So, without getting too too sappy, Happy Birthday Moochy-moochy.  You are amazing and we could not love you more!!!



  1. Grammy and Pop says:

    Grammy and Pop love you so much! Your smile always warms our hearts and your sweetness is cherished by all! Happy 1st Birthday Siena Gen! ❤ xoxoxoxo

  2. Love you so much Siena… xoxo

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