About Me

Numanums is a word my Dad always used for just about anything food related…Upon meeting him he will always ask “Can I get you a bowl of soup?  How about some numanums?”  I love my Daddi-o.  He’s awesome.  I wonder if anyone has ever taken him up on his offer for soup or numanums…probably my Uncle Gene.

Anyway…….this blog is about random stuff–cooking, baking, trips, photos, life in general.  Things that are treats to me–my numanums.  Just a place to keep the things I love and if you want to have a look you are more than welcome. 

I’m not a chef or a baker, I’m not a travel writer or a photo journalist, but I love experiencing new things, places and people and really just enjoying life.  I have a fantastic hubby and an amazing son so life doesn’t really get much better…oh wait, I also live on an island in the Caribbean (no joking!) so, I guess it does.



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